Anal Amy and Amy Redd

Anal Amy

Anal Amy, the name I’ve been blogging under since just after I turned eighteen. The name by which you know me best. It’s the name under which I’ve shared my sluttiest secrets, the anal sex, the threesomes, the gangbangs and much more.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop sharing those secrets. I’ll still share them here on this blog.

Amy Redd

Amy Redd, my new pen name for my erotic fiction. It’s the pen name where I’ll explore some of my wildest fantasies, fantasies that I couldn’t for one reason or another explore. What if I responded to one of the ads in my college newspaper looking for female escorts – the topic for my first novel length piece of fiction. What would happen if Jill’s Dad was my boss – something I’m going to explore in my next longer project.

On you’ll find announcements about my new stories on Amazon/Smashwords, free short stories and lots of behind the scene stuff. The site is just getting started, but I hope you visit me over there.

I hope the two pen names doesn’t cause any confusion. I’m hoping it actually decreases it and allows you awesome guy and gals to read what you want to read. I hope you support me as I explore my writing abilities and creative ideas. I need your support if some day I’m going to live my dream of being a full time writer.


If you enjoyed this post, check out all of my stories on Amazon.


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4 Responses to Anal Amy and Amy Redd

  1. bernard

    excellent move Amy !!!
    I thought about this for quite a long time now .
    I wish you only the best …
    I will follow you …

  2. Alex

    Good that you’re doing what you would like to do, but I have one suggestion: get a professional editor :) Better chance of your stuff selling and it will probably read that much better!


    • Amy

      Alex, I agree. I hate editing, I just want to hit publish and let everyone ready my writing. I’m taking my time with my new works, refusing to rush and getting some serious editing done by others.

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