New Man On The Scene

He eyed me from the other side of the pool. I lounged in a chair next to Krystal. He stood by the grill, talking to Grant, Krystal’s sugar daddy.

When I caught him checking me out, I grinned. He smiled back. He was older, Jill’s Dad kind of older. He reminded me too much of Jill’s Dad. Good looking, a lot like the actor from 300. That wasn’t a problem. He dressed like my recent ex-Scott, polo and golf shorts that said he had money. Unlike Krystal, I didn’t want a sugar daddy. But that didn’t stop him from sitting down next to me when she left my side.

“Your Amy?”

“Yeah,” I grinned. Scanning him from the safety behind my dark sunglasses.

“I’m Ed.” His eyes scanned me and like most men he starred a little too long my tits, barely held back by my bikini top. “Grant told me that you work with Krystal.”

“Yeah.” I wanted to tell him that it was just temporary until I could find a job in the field that I went to school for again. But I didn’t. “What do you do?”

“I’m in business development.”

“What exactly does that mean?”

He went into too much detail about the construction field, developed strategic direction, how he forecast sales of some sort, came up with road maps for product innovation and a whole lot of other business speak. I’m pretty sure he was a glorified, yet well paid salesman but even after he finished I wasn’t sure what he did. I’m sure his resume looked a lot better than mine. It also sounded a lot like Scott’s job. He even talked like him.

Things got even worse when it came up that he had a condo on the same stretch of beach as Scott. All the warning signs were there, but by the end of the night he had my number programed into his phone. I have a feeling, I’ll be writing about him sooner, rather than later.


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2 Responses to New Man On The Scene

  1. Clem

    Hmm, another older man, eh?
    I wrote you about 5 years ago, me, an older man that had a hot, torrid affair with a young woman like you. I wrote you when you were in school. She was in Chicago, very hot, similar to you in many ways. Love to have another round with her. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

    • Amy

      I can’t seem to stay away from the older men. Or they can’t stay away from me. One way or another, I hope to have more for you to read about soon.

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