Cum On My Face

A recent girls night out conversation after a few drinks led to cumshots and facials. My uninhibited self admitted to being at the receiving end of multiple cumshots. I don’t think my girl friends understood just how many, but I’m okay with that.

I wasn’t the only one. Three of the four of us had been on the receiving end, yet I was the only one who found it something other than gross, disgusting or an act done for the boyfriend. Of course, I was the only one willing to admit it, there may have been others that did like the act, just weren’t willing to say it.

The first time a guy cum on my face, it was by accident. I was going down on him and thought I had a little bit more time than I actually did. He exploded on to my face. I didn’t think it was gross, I didn’t think it was a turn on, more simply a funny accident. However, the look on his face said that he loved it.

A week or so later, I was sucking his cock and he was getting close. He asked me if he could come on my face and I let him. This time I held my face as a target for him. He coated my face with his hot, thick globs of cum. I loved the reaction on his face, I was neutral to the actual cum on me, other than the fact that I had to wash my face afterward.

Move down the line a bit and I would ask lovers to come on me and their reaction always turned me on. I was their slut, willing to let them cum on me. I didn’t find it humiliating or degrading (of course I didn’t want them telling anyone, but that’s another story), I just knew it turned them on and it made me feel special to do it for them.

Somewhere along the line I started to crave cum on my face. I didn’t just want them cum on me for their viewing pleasure, feeling their sperm splattered on to my soft skin turned me on just like it’s making my panties wet right now thinking about it. The way it impacts hard with my face, the heat of the liquid as it soaks into my skin, the way it feels as it cools and drips off. I don’t even mind it when they cum in my eye, get it in my hair or stain my shirt, it’s worth it.

Why I crave it like that, I don’t exactly know. But I do.

I figure next I should probably try to figure out why I like anal so much…maybe next time unless I have some juicy adventures to share.


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5 Responses to Cum On My Face

  1. plantpage

    And this is why you are the perfect woman

  2. SmokeSignal

    I suppose it would only be right and proper to ask about the panties you were wearing when you wrote this :)

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