Satisfying Amy, While Thinking About Him

I’ve been asked a few times to write about the times when I’m horny, alone and resort to satisfying myself. I’ve brushed the question aside in the past, there’s not much to the story. Most likely the short story involves me coming home from an exhausting day at my two jobs and somewhere after my shower and between shutting my eyes, I bring myself to an orgasm. Usually it’s just with my fingers, as quick as I can. Sure it feels good, but I’m not really enjoying the pleasure, it’s more of a necessity than anything else.

Tuesday night was not one of those routine, out of necessity nights. I drove home from my restaurant job, barely able to keep my hands off of myself. I had to fight myself to keep my hands on the steering wheel and keep them away from between my legs.

Somehow I managed to make it into my bedroom with out any incident. There I didn’t waste anytime unbuttoning my stained white blouse and letting it fall to my carpet. I slid out of my shoes and danced out of my dingy black work pants. I sat down on the edge of the bed, looking at the doorway, imaging that he was watching me as I unhooked my not very sexy, but very comfortable grey cotton bra. I took it off and threw it at the door.

I cupped my own soft flesh and gently pinched my nipples. The sexual energy that was flowing through my body became more powerful by a notch or two.

I climbed back on to my bed and my head found it’s way to my pillows. I peeled off my pink lace thong and without thinking, my hand automatically found my clit. I felt the softness of my own bed, my own natural heat as I rubbed two fingers against it.

My right hand kept my clit entertained, my other hand found my tits. I just softly caressed myself as the fingers on my other hand ran circles around my clit, faster and faster. I started to let out soft bursts of moans as my fingers pushed against my sensitive clit.

I imagined it was him working my clit, him fondling me and I opened my legs further like he was there.

My moaning starts to become longer and more drawn out. My moans sound almost like I’m in pain, but pleasure is filling my body with each rotation of my fingers. I’m aching with pleasure.

My fingers go as fast as they can and my moaning goes up a decibel. I move my hips like I’m getting fucked. I lean back and close my eyes. I could get myself off there, but I’m not ready yet.

I slow down and rub between my lips, feeling my wetness and warmth. I’m so sensitive now that anytime my fingers get near my clit, I start to shake and let out a cry.

I roll over and reach into my night stand. I imagine that I’m getting condoms, but instead I take out my new pink plastic jack rabbit. Most nights I’d take out my silver bullet, it gets the job done quickly. Tonight, I don’t want quick. I want the pleasure on my clit, but I also need to be filled.

I turn it on and feel the soft vibrations in my hand. I slide it between my lips and feel the tip inside of me. Just that is enough to overwhelm me, I have to take it out and rest for a second or two before I push it back inside of me.

My legs are wide open and I push it inside of my further. Slowly, I push it inside of me, feeling every inch as it fills me and sends vibrations though my whole body.

I push it as far as it will go and the extension hits my clit. It’s too much, it’s too powerful and I have to turn it down two notches.

I slowly fuck myself with the sex toy, imaging it’s his cock inside of me.

My shallow thrusts become quicker and quicker. My moans sound animal like. I whimper and whine as it pushes inside of me and teases my clit.

I go faster and faster, searching for my orgasm. It isn’t hard to fine.

Soon, I’m moaning so loud that I’m afraid the thin walls of my apartment aren’t going to hold my sexual noises.

“Oh Jason.” I moan over and over as the pleasure overwhelms my body. There’s an intense heat, followed by waves of satisfaction that fill me. I close my eyes, bite my lip and rides those of waves of pleasure, forgetting about everything else in the world.

I’m still fucking myself with the dildo, completely on automatic. It’s gentle now, a slow, calming fuck.

“I didn’t come all this way just to fuck your pussy.” I imagine him saying as he lays on top of me.

I pull the dildo out and turn it off. I reach over to my night stand again. I take out my favorite clear plastic bottle of lubrication and put some on my fingers.

After one orgasm most nights, I’m done and ready to go to sleep. Rarely does any of my masturbation involve my ass, but this night, as I think of him, I can’t stop myself.

I smile as I pull my legs back and angle my ass towards him. I rub the lube against my asshole with two fingers and can’t stop myself from moaning again.

I slide one finger inside of myself and feel my tightness.

I slid another finger and it’s almost too much. It hurts as I slide my two fingers though my asshole and into my ass, but it feels so good at the same time.

I push three fingers inside of me and hold it there. I’m ready now.

I take my purple dildo out of my night stand. It’s the same rubber dildo that my friends gave me as a gag gift for my eighteenth birthday. It was a joke back then, but it’s satisfied me on many lonely nights.

I pour the lube on to the head and rub it all over, feeling the soft material becoming warmer in my hands.

I find my asshole with the tip of the dildo and I push it into me very slowly, feeling it stretch my asshole out. It hurts, but it the pleasure far outweighs the minor suffering.

Soon, the pain has faded away and the only feeling is pleasure as I thrust it inside of my ass.

My other hand finds my clit and my moaning steadily becomes louder and louder.

I fuck myself faster and faster with the dildo. The rubbing of my clit becomes more intense.

“Yes.” I’m chanting.

The dildo is rapid fire fucking my ass.

Almost too easily, I start to orgasm again. It’s not intense at the first one, but it is just as loud.

My body becomes relaxed and I carefully slide the dildo out of me. Everything feels right in the world.

I lay their, wishing it was him, the regular who comes by once or twice a week for a couple drinks after work before he goes home. All of the female staff members swarm him, yet he always seems to find me. Hopefully, he stops by this weekend to see my costume, but in reality, nothing will ever happen out of it. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t think about him after I leave work.


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7 Responses to Satisfying Amy, While Thinking About Him

  1. One of your best! Loved how you described fucking your own ass. And you should go for that man!! Who wouldn’t want to have some hot naughty fun with you?

  2. john

    Interesting story!
    May be a lttle different from the usual, but very good nonetheless. :-)

  3. @racreks561

    WOW!!! I have to admit this made me really, REALLY hard!! I found myself matching you stroke for stroke. I don’t know who “he” is, but of how I wish “he” was me!! ;)

  4. Kike

    Mmm, I loved this story, I imigined it was my dick pleasuring you instead of the dildo. :)

  5. Holy shit! Girl you really know how to spice up a routine solo play session!

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