Sharing Is Caring

I went out that night looking to get laid. I needed to be filled by a hard cock. Sex was all I could think about and I knew that the only thing that would solve that was a hard fuck.

I normally would’ve gotten away with wearing jeans and some sweater to this bar, but tonight I dressed up in a very low cut and very tight yellow mini-dress that hugged my curves and left very little of my figure to ones imagination.

I hadn’t been this horny since college. I woke up soaking wet. I couldn’t go to sleep until I satisfied myself in one way or another. I spent a lot of time in between think about sex.

My excuse for going out was Nicole’s birthday. She looked great with her new boyfriend, which made me feel even more lonely and then horny. I imagined her in bed with him, her legs spread wide open. Instead of me going down on her like I did so many times when we dated, his hard cock pounded her cunt and filled her with cum every night. He was good looking, knew how to dress and if he wasn’t dating my best friend, I would’ve spread my legs for him too.

“You look great.” She smiled after we hugged and kissed on the cheek.”

“Thanks.” I put on a fake smile. “Happy Birthday!”

“Thanks, how are you doing?”

Before I could answer, her boyfriend pulled her away and gave her a shot. I knew from experience how horny she got from even just a little bit of alcohol, her boyfriend was going to have a good night.

Instead of watching the two of them, I watched the dance floor and looked for my own good looking man to satisfy my lust. I stood on the edge of the hot, steamy dance floor, not in the mood to dance unless I got swept of my feet by a hot stud. I caught a few guys checking me out, but none that swept me off my feet. There were several good looking guys, but none that made me want to dance.

I did my best to avoid Nicole, hiding in our group of friends most of the night. I knew I wouldn’t find a guy that way, the three guys in our group were all taken, but I couldn’t force myself to leave Nicole and the rest of our group behind to go man hunting.

After an hour, I started debating heading home and letting a combination of my favorite dildo and well used vibrator take care of my needs. If I stayed much longer, I would keep on drinking to the point where I would have to pay for an expensive cab ride home.

Then I felt a hand squeeze my ass cheek. I expected to turn around and see a drunk frat boy, but instead Nicole stood behind me grinning.

“Hey.” I smiled, a genuine, real smile.

“Everything okay?”

My smile disappeared. “Yeah, just been a long week between the two jobs. I’m looking forward to catching up on some sleep.”

“Sleep?” She leaned closer so that only I could hear what she said next. “I was hoping you might want to join me and Kyle tonight.”

Between my legs, the soft nylon fabric of my thong went from dry to soaked in a split second. The smile returned to my face.

“I thought you might like that idea.”

I loved the idea. I was ready to start right then. However, we had to wait. Since it was her birthday party, we couldn’t just leave. It was like pure torture, the worse when she dragged me on to the dance floor.

At first, we just had fun dancing to the electronic music. It was then that a guy came up behind me and started to dance with me. I looked back and grinned. He was my type, tall, dark and handsome but he found me too late.

Nicole pushed him back and pulled me closer. Our bodies rubbed together as we moved to the beat, just the thin fabric of our dresses keeping us apart. We partook in some extremely dirty dancing, our bodies grinding together to the point where guys watched us. They would be thinking about us when they were all alone at home that night and that turned me on even more.

“I want to take you to the bathroom or the parking lot. I don’t know how much longer I can control myself.”

“Let’s find Kyle and get out of here.”

“What about everyone else?”

“Who cares?”

“You know if I leave with you, people are going to start talking again.” They probably already would after the way we danced.

“I don’t care.” She grabbed my hand and interlaced our fingers. She pulled me off of the dance floor and through the crowd.

She found Kyle and whispered something into his ear. He turned around and looked at me, then a large grin appeared on his face.

We barely said good-bye to any of our friends, just like we barely made an excuse as to where we were going. Nicole told everyone my car had gotten towed and we needed to go to the impound lot. I don’t think anyone believed it, but neither her nor I cared.

A feeling of torture returned as we separated. Nicole rode in Kyle’s car, a reminder that we were just friends with benefits now. I followed behind them to Kyle’s apartment.

His apartment had a beautiful view of the bay, but I was more concerned with the view of Nicole in her purple dress. We didn’t make it to the bedroom. We barely made it to the living room, before she wrapped her arms around me and we started to kiss. It was the kind of kiss that if my panties weren’t already soaking wet, they would be now. It made my heart beat faster and the room feel hot.

“Join us.” Nicole said to Kyle, her voice full of lust. He looked happy just watching us, but a large bulge forming in his pants said that he wanted to do more than just watch.

He joined us and I watched as the two of them kissed. I was jealous, I wanted a boyfriend that kissed me the way he did. I was jealous until she turned his head towards me.

Did she want me to kiss him? She didn’t say anything, but I couldn’t resist leaning in and kissing him. Her lips were soft and tasted like strawberry shortcake. His lips were strong and powerful.

I got lost in his kiss to the point that I didn’t even realize that Nicole dropped to her knees between Kyle and I. As I kissed Kyle, she worked to get his pants off. Seconds later, his hard cock pointed out, his boxers and jeans around his ankles.

This was the horny Nicole that I missed. She had his long, red cock in her mouth and her head bobbing up and down in front of him. This wasn’t exactly how my fantasy went, I imagined just Nicole and I rolling around naked on the bed. This reality was even better.

As we made out, Kyle’s hands explored my body. He paid special attention to my ass and even more to my tits. It felt weird to have someone else’s boyfriend with their hands all over me, groping and fondling me, but I didn’t just enjoy it. I loved it.

He pulled my tits out of the top of my dress, he sucked on my pink nipples as Nicole sucked his cock. I wondered if this was something they had planned together or if this was something she had planned all by herself like a special birthday present to herself.

I wanted to taste his cock too and it wasn’t long before I joined Nicole. She pulled her lips off of his cock as I got down on my knees. She smiled, then I took over. I didn’t tease, I went straight to work. I opened up my mouth and slid my red lips on to his swollen head. I slid them further down until his cock filled my mouth.

He unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his toned stomach and powerful chest muscles. Nicole was so lucky to get to see this anytime she wanted.

Nicole and I took turns working on his cock, racing her lips up and down his long shaft. I went more slow and deliberate, her lips raced up and down his cock like she was on the verge of going out of control.

At first we did whatever we wanted, but soon he took over directing us. He made sure that whoever wasn’t busy sucking his cock was giving his balls attention.

Then he kicked it up a notch. He grabbed the back of Nicole’s head and forced his cock deep into her mouth until she deep throated him. She performed like a pro, I didn’t think she would be able to handle it.

When it was my turn, he did the same to me. He filled my throat with his cock, making me gag but I didn’t give up. I wasn’t about to be upstaged by Nicole.

That wasn’t enough for Kyle. Next he fucked Nicole’s mouth with his cock. Her face turned red, she coughed, but she didn’t stop. He repeated the process with my mouth. I wondered if they acted like this every night or just when company came over.

Nicole got a hold of his cock one more time, but this time she didn’t let me get it back right away. She kept letting him fuck her mouth until he pushed it so far into her throat that I thought she might choke. His body went stiff and he let out a grunt. Inches away from my mouth, he filled hers with cum.

I was jealous. I wanted to feel his cum shooting into my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum. When his orgasm ended, she turned to me and we kissed. I tasted his salty, sour sperm from her mouth, but it was just a tease.

Nicole lead us into the bedroom, where Nicole and I kissed again on Kyle’s bed. The kiss turned into making out, our lips locked together, our mouths showing our lust for each other. Our bodies rolled around on the bed, our hands explored each other, familiar ground for each of us, that brought back steamy memories of nights that I would never forget.

We knew what each other wanted. We didn’t beat around the bush. It wasn’t long before her hand slid between my legs and into the warm, wet area underneath my thong. Her finger tips slid by my clit, into my wetness and I moaned.

I copied her, sliding my hand into her dress. I grinned when I discovered her lack of underwear, not even a tiny g-string to stop my fingers from pleasuring her pussy. Her dress wasn’t as short and slutty as mine, but it wasn’t long enough to cover her if she bent over. This wasn’t the shy, conservative Nicole that I met a year ago after she broke up with her fiance.

She wasn’t content to just finger fuck my cunt. Soon, I ended up on my back, her taking my white with black lace thong off. She pushed my legs apart and positioned herself between them.

She teased me like she used to do every night when we dated. She kissed every inch of skin near my hungry pussy except my cunt. I wasn’t just going to lay around getting tortured this time, I found my clit with two fingers and started to rub it furiously like I only had thirty seconds to get off.

She didn’t like that. She pulled hand away from my pussy and held it back. Then she used her fingers to take over for what I started with mine. She knew exactly how to make me moan, she started with just her fingers, but soon her mouth joined in to pleasure me.

I forgot that Kyle was still here until I saw him position himself behind Nicole. She was bent over in the perfect doggy style position and he took full advantage of it. He pushed her dress up around her hips, then took aim at her exposed cunt with his rock hard cock.

She moaned as he pushed his cock into her. I was jealous, besides my dildo, I hadn’t felt a real cock inside of me since before Nicole and I started fooling around. Nicole made me moan louder and louder with her mouth, but I prayed that I would get a turn with Kyle’s cock before he came.

His thrusts came hard and quick, but she didn’t let his attack stop her from her job between my legs. She kept her face buried between my legs, refusing to move until she got what she wanted. Luckily, what she wanted was for me to orgasm.

With all of the sex and sexuality in the room, it didn’t take me long. My orgasm started with a cry of pleasure as my body went stiff and excitement took over my body. It was more powerful than any of the orgasms I’d had with my vibrator since Nicole and I decided to be just friends. It took my breath away and when I opened my eyes, everything seemed to be glowing.

“My turn to go down on you.” I grinned.

“I think it’s your turn to get fucked by his cock.” Her grin bigger.

I wasn’t about to argue. She moved out of the way, then I positioned myself in front of Kyle the exact same way she received his cock a few minutes earlier. I pulled my dress up to around my hips, my pink cunt and even my asshole ready for him.

His strong hands grabbed my hips and moved me into the position that he wanted, then I felt his strong, powerful cock push into my soaking wet pussy.

Instantly, another orgasm filled me. His cock inside of me set of a chain reaction, flooding me with pleasure, making me scream.

He kept going, fucking me as my orgasm came and went. His thrusts short, but furious at first. It took everything I had to stay in position until I completely recovered from my orgasm.

I felt two sets of hands on me. Kyle’s hands caressed my hips then my ass as we fucked. Nicole pulled my dress up above my tits, then used my large breasts as her play toy as we kissed.

At first, she lay next to me. However, soon she positioned herself in front of me. She positioned her pussy right in front of my mouth.

I wanted to tease her the way she teased me, but it felt like it would be more torture to me. I wanted to taste her again and dipped my tongue between her swollen lips. Her cunt was soaking wet, sweet like I remembered it tasting.

As Kyle pounded me from behind, I licked her pussy and massaged her clit with my palm the way I knew she liked from past experience. She let me know she liked it, moaning loudly.

I quickly brought her to the edge of her orgasm and kept going until her cries of pleasure filled the room. She chanted my name as her orgasm filled her, making me very proud of my work.

After her orgasm faded away, we took turns being on the receiving end of his cock. He fucked us from every angle, from multiple positions.

I became jealous of how long he lasted. I imagined that they had a lot of late nights of fucking. I became jealous of her even more when his cock found her asshole. I could just watch as she took out a bottle of lubrication out of her purse, the same brand that I loved and he used it to lubricate her asshole.

His cock disappeared into her ass and I wondered if this was something new for her or something she had done often. She took it like an experienced slut, but she never told me about her anal adventures. As far as I knew, until now it was only me that like it in the ass.

He pounded her ass from behind, a loud slapping sound of skin impacting with flesh every time he thrust into her. All I could do was watch and finger my cunt, hoping for my turn. The longer he went, the more sure I became that I wouldn’t get another turn.

Her fucked her ass doggy style. He fucked her ass in the missionary position. He even fucked her ass sideways. She was no anal virgin, I didn’t even know if I could take an anal pounding like that. I brought myself to another orgasm just watching.

I had given up on another turn with his cock when he motioned for me to come closer with his fingers. I quickly got on to my hands and knees in front of him. He pulled out of her ass and put his cock into mine.

His thickness stretched my asshole, but he had enough lube on his cock where it slid in easily into my ass. I bit my lip as he started to fuck my ass, I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. I received his hard cock like a very happy slut.

Nicole and I kissed as he fucked my ass. Her hands squeezing my tits to the point it hurt, the way she knew that I liked. Her hand slipped between my legs and found my clit. She rubbed it, she massaged it as he pounded my ass. I had never felt so much pleasure.

I wanted to feel him cum inside of my ass and to fill me with his sperm. However, Nicole had other ideas. When she saw that he neared his orgasm, she pulled him away from me. I didn’t like it, but it was her boyfriend.

She took him in her mouth. My mouth dropped as I watched her suck his cock, my sweet, innocent friend had done ass to mouth. Not her ass either, it was my ass.

His eyes clothes and he thrust his cock into her mouth. I could practically taste the cum and when he was done, Nicole let me taste him. She didn’t swallow him, she kept his load in her mouth and motioned for me to come closer.

We kissed, his salty, bitter, yet delicious cum sliding between our mouths. The cum slut in me was very happy now. We made out until the taste faded away and it was just us kissing. We collapsed on to the bed, still half dressed but neither of us cared. We fell asleep in each others arms.


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  1. Z

    oh my goodness, that was hot!

  2. le

    I loved the begin of the story, especially to the point where Nicole was asking. Rock solid! – not your story only.

    Love your writings .. since 2006.
    Keep up horny and the goood work ;)

  3. le

    You should ask her for birthday surprise for you…

  4. AssFan69

    So Hot, I nearly fell down the stairs after reading this

  5. Sleepyeyedboy

    Holy Hell! That’s so insanely hot.

  6. Amy

    Glad you all enjoyed it. I had some fun writing it, almost as much fun as the actual event.

  7. Rob

    Excellent writing. Very arousing. I’ll be reading more of your blog in the future!

  8. hmj

    My god I’ve missed you. Welcome back.

  9. You’ll get a man. Don’t worry. Enjoy what’s given. Have fun.

  10. citykid

    Absolutely amazing! I hope Nicole shares again, and lets him fill your ass with his cum.

  11. After reading this I am so turned on! You write so well. Feels like I was watching you right there.

  12. Sleepyeyedboy

    I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this but I miss your writing! I do hope your radio silence is because good things are happening for you. : )

  13. Rik

    This sounds like my (and about 99% of non-gay guys’) ultimate fantasy. There really is nothing better than a hot woman with little to no inhibitions willing to enjoy non-standard sex. Very good writing, if this ever happened to me I’d die a happy man. Man, I really need to get laid soon…

  14. Janet

    These are my favorite sex toys because the visual stimulation my partner gets when you squeeze on the balls for it to shoot out fake cum. I get it all over my tits and my mouth and I love it!

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