Sneak Preview: Friends With Benefits (#2)

After a little bit of delay (blame my work schedule) and a title change (blame my inability to make up my mind), Friends With Benefits is off to Amazon and I’m waiting for word that it’s been published.

This is a scene from the second story. Make sure to read the first sneak preview also.

He made me a drink, then grabbed a beer for himself. The drink tasted great, but I wanted more. This felt too much like us just being friends. We talked in his kitchen like old friends. I complained again about my job and he offered to help me revamp my resume. He wanted to work on it right then. He even led me to his desk in his bedroom. That’s when I decided I had enough.

“I thought you wanted me?” I interrupted him. “I thought you were complaining about blue balls the other morning. Here I am.” I pointed at myself the way a Price Is Right model showed off a new car.

“I do.” Yet, he still leaned against the desk.

“Then?” I stood in front of him, pushed my tits out towards him, yet he still didn’t get the message.

“What?” He asked.

“I give up.” I left my post and stepped over to where he stood. “Kiss me.”

He wrapped his arms around me finally and pulled me close. My body pressed up against his and he kissed me. It was nice, but I needed more. I need the type of kiss that would sweep me off my feet and start a flood between my legs.

I pulled back. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes.” He answered, he pulled me back and kissed me with a notch or two of passion. However, his hands stayed on my hips, afraid to venture anywhere else.

I didn’t know what to do. Kissing him was a bad idea. We should’ve stayed as just friends. Why did I get so drunk the other night. I should’ve stayed sober and avoided this whole mess. I wanted him to take me home, but I was stuck here. I felt like if I left, it would break his heart. I still wanted to be friends.

But even with this debate his cock grew against me, apparently it at least still wanted to be more than just friends. I didn’t want to give him blue balls again. Maybe I could just give him a blowjob, get it over with quick and then go home. It wouldn’t be my first time I got a guy off just so that he wouldn’t have that painful condition. Of course, those were times when I was in a relationship with the guy in question. But just giving him a blowjob seemed like a slutty thing to do. Of course, I had done much dirtier acts.

His rock hard cock now practically poked me in my stomach, yet he still didn’t make a move. I wanted him to rip off my clothes, push the papers off his desk and take me right there. I decided I would be the one to have to make this happen or we would stay in this position all night long. I decided to go down on him, then he’d take me home and tomorrow I would come up with a reason why we should be just friends.

My hand found the bulge in his pants and started to stroke it through the khaki fabric.

“Oh, Amy.” His eyes filled with lust. I thought about all of the times that he had been there for me, listening to me when I need someone. I couldn’t hurt him. This would be the least I could do to pay him back.

I kissed him, then kissed his neck, then lowered myself on to the edge of his bed, the perfect height right in front of him.

“Amy you don’t have to.” He looked down at me and I thought that he was going to pick me right back up.

“I want to.” I pulled him closer to me and I unzipped his pants. I slid my hand into his boxers and found his rock hard cock waiting for me, like I had done hundreds of times before with others. I felt his hard shaft, longer than many I had felt before. I pulled him out, impressed by his size. Size isn’t the end all, be all for me, but if I had known that he had a cock this size I would’ve made sure that we had done something like this several years ago. I stroked him and felt the length against my hands. For the first time, I felt some sort of wetness growing between my legs. I looked up at him, smiled, about ready to get ready to work.

“Are you sure?” He looked down at me, with an all too serious look.

“Stop asking that.” I said, refusing to looking up at him anymore, refusing to let him ruin my mood.

I held him in one hand, leaned forward in the chair and took him in my mouth. I took just his head at first between my lips, licking the tip with my tongue.

I slid my lips further down and took him further into my mouth. I couldn’t believe that it was him in my mouth. I slid my lips slowly up and down his shaft, enjoying the feel of his hard cock sliding between my wet, soft lips. We were such good friends, that we joked many times that we were like brother and sister. Now, I was enjoying giving him a blowjob.

I looked up at him, and caught him staring down at me. Watching my lips go up and down his cock, enjoying the view of my cleavage sneaking out of my dress. This time he didn’t say anything to ruin the mood.

I decided to show him a new trick that I had learned recently, hoping to make this a blowjob that he would remember for a long time.
I slid my lips further down his cock, as he filled my mouth and stretched into my throat. Carefully and unsure if I would be able to complete the task, I took him completely into my mouth, deep into my throat.

“Amy.” His voice weak.

I repeated the trick a few times, then returned back to a more traditional blowjob. However, the trick worked. His cock was rock hard and he pushed his body forward to match my movements. I knew that he was close, but now that I had done this, I didn’t want to stop.

“I’m going to…”

I wrapped my lips tightly around his shaft, not wanting to lose a drop of his cum.

He exploded into my mouth, shooting his hot, thick liquid into my throat. He tasted salty and I swallowed every ounce of him.

“I really enjoyed that.” He said when came out of his orgasmic state. “I’ve never had a blowjob like that.”


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  1. asocalguy

    Hey, Amy. Can you give a synopsis of the stories beyond these intros? What sort of nastiness can we expect in each of them?!

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