Top Sex Bloggers Of 2011

So guess who made it on to the Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2011. If you guessed me, you guessed right! I managed to slip in at #91. I didn’t think I was going to be included on the list, I was just checking out the article to find some more sex blogs to read and was pleasantly surprised to see mine!

I’m truly honored, although I think they have the rating or voting system skewed if I’m included on the list. There’s a lot of blogs that should’ve made the list before me. And I’m in debt to whoever nominated me and thankful to everyone that voted for my blog!

Thank you to everyone that reads my blog, I really do appreciate it and enjoy creating my sentences that that turn you on.


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8 Responses to Top Sex Bloggers Of 2011

  1. citykid1967

    My only surprise is that you weren’t higher on the list. Congratulations on well-deserved praise, Amy!

  2. le

    Next year you will get a much better position on that list.
    You are still the best .. Amy!


  3. SmokeSignal

    Congratulations kiddo. We’re real proud of you.

    • Amy

      Thank you! And thanks for commenting. If it wasn’t for the comments, I don’t know if I would still be writing in a public form.

  4. Red

    you’re the only one as far as i’m concerned :)

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