A Cumslut’s Vacation (Part 1)

My mini-vacation got out to a rocky start even before I left my apartment. Scott invited me to come visit him, but he kept going back and forth as to whether that week would work for him. He blamed work, saying he might have to go to another location, but it made me start to doubt our whole little relationship. My back up plan was to visit my college friend Lisa, who had also moved down to Florida after we graduated. She was about two hours away and lived on a beach, so it sounded like a pretty good getaway. Up until the night before my vacation, I thought I was going to visit Lisa. Then Scott turned on the green light for me to go visit him. Luckily Lisa is understanding and didn’t mind me coming to visit her another time.

I don’t mind driving, in fact I love road trips even when it’s just me, but there was more construction and heavy rains than one girl should ever drive through in one day. It was supposed to be a twelve hour drive, but by the time I got to Scott, it was closer to fourteen hours. He was already half asleep by the time I got there close to eleven. The whole drive up there I had been looking forward to at least a quickie, but I didn’t even get that.

Thursday and Friday during the day, I was alone while he was at work. I knew that was going to happen ahead of time, so I wasn’t annoyed about that. However, he told me that the house his company was renting was near the beach. It was about half hour drive, a tad bit longer than I expected. Normally, I wouldn’t be bothered by that, but things were starting to add up.

Thursday night, I finally got the quickie I wanted, except that night I was hoping for a lot more than just a quickie. I didn’t have many nights there, so I felt like they were getting wasted.

Friday it was supposed to rain, so I decided to go exploring instead of the beach. Of course, it didn’t rain, but I can’t really blame Scott for that.

Friday as I was driving around, I realized that I was miserable and I didn’t have to be. Everyone around me was at work and I was on vacation. At that point, I would’ve been stuck in my windowless cubicle, instead I was free to do whatever I wanted that.

I also decided that if our nights were going to get more interesting, it was going to have to be me that made them more interesting. I couldn’t really blame him for his lack of sexual energy. He was leaving the house close to six in the morning and not getting back to seven or eight. I decided that night when he got home, I was going to have a treat for him.

Randomly I spotted a lingerie store. It wasn’t a Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s and I probably would’ve driven past it if I knew where I could find a mall. I’m glad I didn’t because even though it was a small, kind of creepy on the outside store, it was packed with all sorts of naughty outfits. I found a few outfits, two to save for another time and one I put on right before Scott got home from work.

When he opened the door he smiled when he saw me waiting for him in nothing but a blue satin and lace bustier and matching thong. I didn’t have to say a word except to remind him to close the door so that the neighbors didn’t get a show.

He dropped his laptop bag and tackled me against the wall. He kissed me with the lust and passion that I expected from him. He had just worked a long day, but this time he was wide awake.

His hands explored the soft fabric of my lingerie and my bare skin. My hands went straight for his crotch, caressing his cock through the fabric of his pants. It wasn’t long before I started to feel signs of a hard erection.

I’m not usually the aggressive one, but I’m not afraid to take the lead if it gets me what I want.

I got on my knees in front of him and quickly undid his belt and pants so I could get them down his feet. His boxers ended up in the same place shortly afterward and his rock hard cock was pointed in my direction.

I teased his cock with my tongue and the grin on his face got even bigger. I ran my tongue around the edge of his head, then up and down the shaft. I licked his balls and sucked on them. I had his full attention.

I opened my mouth and slid my lips down his cock. I teased, going very slow and at times taking my mouth away from his cock. I was enjoying the teasing a little bit too much, but soon I gave him what I wanted.

My lips became attached to his thick cock. I slid my lips up and down the hard shaft. I only pulled away when I needed to breathe.

“I want your cum so bad.” I said then slid my lips back down his cock.

“I’m getting closer. Where do you want it?”

I took my lips back off his cock and said. “My face, my mouth, just keep it off my lingerie. I think it’s dry clean only.”

“You got it, you slut.”

“Cumslut.” I sarcastically corrected, then returned my lips to his cock.

A minute or two later, he didn’t need anymore help from me. He pulled his cock away from my mouth and stroked it as quickly as he could right in front of my face.

The first blast deposited a huge load right into my hair. The second ended up on eye and the he coated my nose and cheek with the rest.

I sucked the rest of his cock clean, tasting his salty sperm and feeling like a complete cum slut.

I looked like a complete cumslut too. In the hallway mirror, I admired Scott’s work. My hair was a mess with cum dripping through it. I could barely open one eye because of the cum and my makeup was a mess.


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13 Responses to A Cumslut’s Vacation (Part 1)

  1. John

    I love a girl who knows how to tease a man!

    Can’t wait for part 2. :)

    • Amy

      A girl has to have fun too!

      Part 2 I think is even better. I didn’t have time to finish it last night, but so far it’s pretty hot.

  2. SmokeSignal

    How fantastic. Keep that blue thong around. It serves you well.

  3. cody

    you are soooo good at describing your blowjobs. i swear i almost came in my pants just reading.this. part 2 must be even hotter

  4. cody

    amy, you are AMAZING! i cant beleive you are so open to your readers. and have you ever had a fantasy about being in a gangbang with 5 black guys

    -<3 love you

    • Amy

      Thank you!

      I have fantasies about getting gangbanged in general, for me the color of the cock isn’t as important as how it’s used.

  5. plantpage

    So you know we all want a pic of your outfit…there is nothing hotter then hearing a woman refer to herself as a cumslut

  6. kb

    story was awesome cant wait for part 2:)

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