Crossing A Line

I guess in the back of my head, I’ve had thoughts of being a call girl and getting paid for having sex for a long time. I’ve received offers from prospective clients online and off, know a few girls that could’ve gotten me into the business, but it was never a line I thought I would cross.  I’ll do all sorts of slutty things – sucking cock, getting fucked in the ass, having men cum on my face, but getting paid for it was off the table.

This is an excerpt from a story that looks at what if, just what if it was still on the table.  What if I had accepted one of those proposals I received while serving drinks at the gentleman’s club last month.

“So how much and for what?” She asked as she handed me the glass a few moments later.

“What do you mean?”

Her look turned more serious. “You must be new. How much per hour? What will you do? What’s your limits? Etc.”

Oh shit. My face turned red, and my heart started pounding. I had done a lot of slutty things, but never in exchange for maybe more than maybe a dinner. While I always liked the fantasy that someone thought I was hot enough to pay me to have sex with them, it was never more than something that I thought about late at night when I was all alone with my dildo.

“First time?”

“You could say that.” I thought about turning around and walking right out of there. Sure, I liked the fantasy, but I just wasn’t ready to cross that line into reality.

“How about two hours for $400?”“I don’t know.” I wasn’t stalling – I really didn’t know. $400 would more than cover the repairs that my car needed, and It would go a long way to paying down some of my credit cards. But then again, I would be getting paid to have sex. It was illegal. It was beyond just being slutty. It was immoral. What would my friends say if they found out? If I actually crossed the line from “slut” to “whore,” even if only once?

“$600? Nothing too kinky. Lap dance, a blowjob, you go down on me, he fucks you?”

“Okay.” As the word slipped from my mouth I couldn’t believe I had just agreed to have sex for money. I wanted to rewind and see if I really had just said that, had made that choice. Hell, I had done a lot sluttier things than just a quick threesome for no money in the past. What did the money matter? Well, besides the fact that any second now I expected the door to fly open, a squad of cops to run through and arrest me. But, to tell the truth, it turned me on to agree.

“Alright,” she smiled as I smiled back, still a little unsure if I had made the right decision. “Now, I think Patrick would like a lap dance.”

“Oh yeah,” he shouted a little bit too much like a frat boy and not so much like a forty-something businessman, seeming happy to join the events now that the price had been agreed on.

“I would love to,” I said trying to sound as sexy as possible and not at all nervous. I took a long sip of my wine, but it was nowhere near enough to start a buzz or do anything to my inhibitions. My heart pounded as Eva led me to the center living room, and I still couldn’t believe they thought I was a prostitute. I couldn’t believe that they were willing to pay me. I felt like a fool for not knowing what they meant when they propositioned me back in the bar. It seemed my mind was moving a mile a minute as I took every step.

Patrick moved to sit down on the couch as I stood in front of him. I started to sweat, nervous that I wasn’t going to do it right or that my lap dance wouldn’t be good enough. However, one more look at Eva’s mischievous grin was all that I needed to gain enough confidence to get started. That and she turned on the perfect music. I don’t remember exactly what song it was, but it was slow and sexy. It was the kind of music I want to hear when my lover was climbing on top of me. Without anymore thought my body started to sway to the beat as I lost myself in the moment.

With both of them watching my every move, I fought back the nerves and started inching my way even closer to him. He opened his legs as I danced between them. The way he looked at me, his eyes filled with a mix of desire and lust, turned me on and gave me the confidence to keep going.

My jacket slid off my shoulders and fell to my feet. In the center of the room, dancing for them both, I felt sexy, beautiful and desired – even wearing my plaid pajama pants and white tank top.

I leaned forward and rest my hands on the back of the couch behind him, close enough that he could smell the mix of nectarine, amber and orchid that made up my perfume. My body was within a foot of his, my chest inches from his face.

By now I was in auto drive, remembering a steamy lap dance that I watched earlier that night. I climbed on top his legs, kneeling on top of him. As I pushed my chest against his face I just about lost it. I couldn’t believe I was giving a lap dance. I couldn’t believe how good it was going. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid for this. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was.

Patrick’s hands reached around and grabbed my ass.

“Not yet,” I said, picking each of his hands away gently by his fingers. I felt like one of the dancers at the club now.

“I like this chick,” Eva said behind me, as she nodded her head to the music.

“I do too,” Patrick said beneath me, his eyes staring at me even more than they had at the club.

Now I turned around and sat on his lap, rubbing my ass against him. I pulled my tank top over my head, and while my hands were busy he took the opportunity to grope my chest. This time I didn’t try to stop him. The pressure of his hands on my boobs, even with my bra on was enough to make me even more wet.

I leaned back against him, our bodies grinding together as I moved to the music of the song. His cock grew against my ass while his hands cupped my breasts, explored the rest of my revealed skin, then slid down barely into my pants. This time he teased me, not going any further than just past the waist band of my thong.

I stood up as from behind me Eva joined in my dance, wrapping her arms around me and kissing my neck, and sending shivers of pleasure through me body. She slid down to her knees, pulling my pants down in the process. Then, she kissed the back of my leg, then my bare ass that the thong did nothing to cover, then slowly up to my neck. God, I Just wanted her to push me on to the couch and have her way with me. Instead, she pushed me back to Patrick.

His hands caressed my ass as I danced in front of him. This time I didn’t stop him. Instead, wearing only my bra and my thong, I sat on his lap again, grinding my nearly naked body sensually against him. The soft fabric of his pants and the stiff fabric of his dress shirt rubbing against me made want to rip off his clothes. Of course, the feeling of his hard cock beneath helped with that as well.

Patrick’s hands wandered across my bare skin, exploring my curves, making me feel wanted. Making me feel needed. He slid his hands underneath the thin satin fabric of my thong and brushed against my pussy. Just enough to make me grind even harder against him. He slid his fingers across my the wet entrance to my pussy as I danced, and I let out a moan.

Then, he pushed me forward and I pushed my ass back against him. I could only imagine the view he was enjoying with only a tiny strip of fabric covering my ass and pussy.

When I sat back up I unhooked my bra and threw it away on the floor. Then, I leaned back against him once more, as his hands caressed my tits and teased my swollen nipples. This was the kind of thing they definitely didn’t allow in the club, but there wasn’t any other place that I wanted his hands.

I turned around again, climbing on top of his lap like a professional entertainer. I put my tits in his face, the way I had seen the girls do in the club. I rubbed my tits against his face, the rough stubble teasing the soft, sensitive skin of my boobs. He put his face between my tits and I squeezed them against him. I might not have the perfect body of a dancer, but I had certainly learned some of their naughty moves that earned the big tips. He took my nipple in his mouth and teased it with his lips and tongue. I didn’t know how much more teasing him I could take before needing to have his cock inside of me.

Finally I climbed off of him, leaving him wanting more. I swayed in front of him, sliding my thong to my feet and past my black heels. I kept just the heels on as I danced just out of arms reach in front of him, letting him enjoy the view of my full breasts, and my smoothly shaved pussy that I know he’d imagined all night. Eva came closer and kissed me again, this time on my lips, and it sent waves of excitement through me.

Once more she twirled me around and sent me back to Patrick before I could enjoy more of her touch. I danced close to him, close enough that he could examine all of my naked body. I turned around to go dance with Eva again, but this time he grabbed my hips and pulled me on to his lap, right on to his rock hard cock that was straining to escape from his pants.

My body moved to the music the way I had seen other dancers do. I rubbed myself against his hard shaft, teasing him with my ass and my pussy. I moved like I was riding his cock, soon bouncing up and down on top of him. Even without the penetration I didn’t know who enjoyed this more, me or him? I couldn’t resist sliding a hand between my own legs, feeling my wetness. Teasing my clit with the tip of my fingers.

“Do you want his dick inside of you?” Eva came up behind me, her hands massaging my bare shoulders as she whispered in my ear.


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  1. dori

    i wanna know what happened next! did you fuck or what?!

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