High Class Call Girl Fantasies

Anonymous on Formpspring asked:

Would you ever escort, if the price was right?

I wouldn’t say no. Being paid because a man that thought I was hot, being paid for sexual acts turns me on. However, I don’t think I would ever actually do it…Of course, that doesn’t mean that I won’t write about it.

Last month when I spent a couple weeks working at a gentlemen’s club, I know that some of the dancers did escorting on the side. I was also propositioned several times. Most of the times for things that didn’t involve the exchange of money. However, there was a couple of times where I think it could’ve led to me being paid for sex.

I didn’t accept any of those offers or really get to the point where an explicit offer would be made. However, I decided to write a fantasy story about what would’ve happened if I accepted that offer from a very sexy older female and her lover.

I’m also exploring writing other stories based on high class call girl fantasies that I’ve had. In case you can’t tell, the fantasy gets my panties wet.


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  1. Lauren

    My friend did it once or twice. If it the right guy and the right price it can be hard say “no”. Harder than you’d think.

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