In My Cubicle

After our encounter in his car, he didn’t give me any signs to what he was thinking. In the office, it seemed like nothing had changed. Which is probably a good thing so that are coworkers didn’t find out about anything we were doing, but it was a bad thing because I had enjoyed the experience and I had no idea what was going on in his mind. I had trouble hiding my ear to ear grin, but he acted like nothing had happened as he checked in on my tasks and reviewed my assignments.

I was behind in my work, mainly because for the last week and a half, I’ve been unable to focus on anything other than him. While most of my coworkers were busy shopping or sleeping off Thanksgiving dinner, last Friday I decided to head into work for a couple of hours to catch up. It was my day off, but I didn’t have anything to do until five when I started my shift at the restaurant.

I was one of three people in the building, neither of the other two were in my department so I had nothing but piece and quiet. For the first hour I was the most productive that I had been in weeks, then there was a knock on my cubicle wall.

I looked up and saw him smiling down on me. “I had a feeling you would be here today.”


“Not really until after I saw your car in the parking lot.” He said sarcastically.

“You are too silly.”

“I know. But really what are you doing here?”

“I’m trying to get caught up on some of the projects that are due before the end of the month.”

“You didn’t have to come in today to do them.”

“I know, but I’m behind.”

“Why are you so behind on things?” He was trying to act boss like, but I caught him looking down my tank top, not that I did anything to stop him.

“You want to know the truth?”

“Yeah, maybe I could help ease your work load.”

“I don’t know if you can really help with this problem.”

“What is it?”

“It’s you.”

“Oh.” He said as he looked around the office to make sure we were alone.

“I’m not falling for you or anything like that.” I lied. “I know it was just for fun. But you have to give a girl an idea of whether you liked it or not.”

“I think it was pretty clear that I liked it by my reaction.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I really loved that reaction. Really loved it. However, after that night I had no idea what you were thinking.”

“I wouldn’t mind having you do that again.”

“Here?” I pushed my chair away from my desk and smiled.

“Yeah, I don’t think there’s anyone else on this floor?”

“You know I can do more than suck cock?”

“Let’s start with you sucking my cock and we’ll go from there.”


He undid his belt and I couldn’t believe what I was about to do in my cubicle. I had imagined giving him a blowjob at his desk. I never fantasized about giving him a blowjob in my cubicle.

He unbuttoned his khakis, then pushed them down. He pushed his boxers down and revealed his cock. Blood was starting to flow to it, but it was still pointing towards the ground. I knew what to do to handle that problem.

I reached out and gently gripped it with my hand, feeling the soft skin and it’s warmth. I couldn’t believe I was fooling around with him in my cubicle, to we’re fooling around in my office and if we get caught, we could get fired. However, that didn’t stop me from slowly stroking it.

My hand was soon joined by my tongue. I ran my tongue up and down the bottom side of his shaft, watching and feeling it quickly becoming stronger. I ran my tongue around his head and felt it thicken. I could feel my thong starting to become damp and he hadn’t even touched me yet.

His cock was pointing at me as I leaned forward in my chair, opened my mouth and slid my lips down his shaft. I went slow at first, taking the time to enjoy the feeling of his cock sliding through my lips.

I was reaching for my glasses when he said, “No, don’t take those off.” It made me jump back a little like I was in trouble. “But, how about you show me your boobs.”

“You’re the boss.” I said then pulled the spaghetti straps of my tank and straps off my bra down my shoulders then off of my arms. He watched intensely as I pulled down the cups of my bra. He starred as I fondled myself for him. He reached out and squeezed my tits and I thought I was going melt right into my chair.

I leaned forward and my mouth found his cock again. This time I wasn’t so casual about the way I took it on. I was determined to show him what I could do with my mouth. I made sure that he got the full effect as I attacked it from different angle and worked it with my tongue.

I leaned further forward and slid my my lips to almost the base of shaft, taking him into my throat.

“Wow, Amy.” He said as I slid my lips off his cock so I could breathe.

Soon, I went back to work. I worshiped his cock, sliding my lips all over it, using my tongue as much as I could. I bobbed my head up and down him, racing my lips up and down him as quick as I could. I deep throated him as often as I could. I rubbed his cock against the soft flesh of my tits. I wanted this to be a blowjob that made his wife’s blowjobs look boring.

“Oh, Amy.” He grunted.

“Not yet. I want you to fuck me.”


I jumped out of my chair and pushed off my sneakers, then peeled off my jeans and thong as quick as I could. I didn’t want him to have enough time to have second thoughts.

I sat on the edge of my desk as he wrestled his way out of his pants. There was no going back now. We were both half naked, if someone came into our office, there was no way that we would have enough time to get dressed again. Yet, somehow I didn’t care too much.

He positioned himself between my legs and we kissed as his hard cock rubbed against me. I thought about all of the other things that I had done on this desk and none of them would ever compare to this.

I felt him place his hardness against the opening off my soft and very wet lips. He held my hips and pushed inside of me. He felt perfect inside of me.

At first we made out more than anything else. His lips battled mine as our tongues pushed into each others mouth. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the way his mouth tasted of coffee.

I couldn’t resist shaking my hips and feeling his cock move around inside of me. I let out a moan, “Oh, yeah.” I repeated it over and over as he started to gently fuck me.

My “oh yeah’s” turned into “oh” as he became more powerful, thrusting harder and quicker inside of me. I knew that I should’ve tried to be quieter, but I couldn’t control myself. It just felt so good that it overwhelmed my practical thinking.

I had a big grin on my face as he fucked me. I couldn’t believe that he was inside of me. I couldn’t believe that we were fucking in my office, on top of my desk. I knew this had to be a quickie, but I wanted it to last forever. This was better than any of my fantasies. He looked so serious, but I could tell he was enjoying it.

He had me lay back on to my desk. I didn’t care about what mess we were making. He pushed my legs apart and pushed deeper inside of me. His thrusts were harder now, faster now. It was raw lust and it had taken over both of us.

“I want you to cum.”

“I’m getting close.”

“I want you to cum inside of me.” I wanted to be his cum slut. I wanted him to deposit his fluids inside of me.

“Holy fuck Amy, you’re something else.” He said as he his thrusting became sloppy and out of control. Seconds later he pushed deep inside of me and let go. “Amy.” He moaned as his hot liquid flowed into me, filling me with his cum. Never had cum flowing into me felt so good.

“Are you on the pill?” He said as he pulled out me, cum dripping off of the tip of his cock.

“Yeah, but I think you’re supposed to ask the girl that before cum inside of her.”

“Good, because I want to do that again sometime.”

“I’d like that.”

“But now I’m thinking we should probably get dressed.”


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16 Responses to In My Cubicle

  1. Jacob

    Love it. You make me hard at work all day! Did you think about telling him to put it in your ass?

  2. Sebastian

    Hey Amy hot post. I don’t know entirely why but creampies get me horny. I love how sloppy your pussy gets after i cum and while I am still thrusting. I espcially like it when their is so much cum it is already dripping down your crack before I even pull out.

  3. Sebastian

    Hey sorry I can get carried away sometimes. I am a long time fan from the old blog. Used to read it when I was in college while the teachers were lecturing. Not porn but sure makes me as hard.
    Gave up on ya but checked your name on a whim and you were back from your hiatus. Awesome!
    I Think your writing is hot and I am intrigued by your success at being published. Which one should I start with?(not your published book that is a copy of your old blog)


    • Amy

      No need to be sorry! Glad you found the new blog!

      I would start with Craving For Cock, I think that’s one of my best ones yet.

  4. This is great. I love it. I love the way cum shooting into me feels. It always turns me on enough to cum again. Great story. :-)

  5. SmokeSignal

    Have you posted about the car encounter? I think I missed that.

  6. citykid1967

    God, I sooo envy any man who gets to bareback you, Amy. You have no idea how hot I get from the idea of pumping cum into you.

  7. JoeWallSt

    Oh Amy, You always make my cock so hard :) Nice story. I used to date an Amy once and she was….BORING. They should all be like you. Keep up the good work!

    • Amy

      I’m glad it had that kind of effect on you! I thought all Amy’s were a little on the wild side, maybe it’s just us with the red hair.

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