Letting Scott In On My Slutty Secrets

This time I took my time driving to Scott’s condo. I wasn’t in a rush to get there like most nights.

I ran through my head the lines I wanted to say to him. I never see you anymore. I like you, the sex is awesome, but I need someone that’s not out of town on business all of the time. It seems like things have fizzled out. What happened that Saturday night. I don’t think you went home sick, I think you went home with someone else that night.

I started the drive feeling sad, but as I got closer I to his house I started to get feel annoyed, on the verge of anger. I didn’t have any right to be anger. It was just sex, we had even both said it. Plus, I wasn’t in a position to complain. We had both said it was an open relationship and I had slept with more than my share of men since we started seeing each other. I didn’t care that he was probably seeing women in every city he traveled to for business. But it did annoy me when we made plans and he made excuses to get out of them. I guess it came down to me feeling like I wasn’t his first choice anymore.

I rode the elevator up to his floor, practicing what I would say. I think we need to go our separate ways. I think it’s time we stop seeing each other.

But when it came time to bring up the subject. “I think. I missed you. I think I really missed your cock.”

He grinned as he moved closer to me on the couch. His lips met mine and filled me with lust, making me forget about everything else.

“It’s been so long.” He said in between kissing my lips and licking my neck.

“Too long.”

“Have you had any naughty adventures since the last time that I saw you?”

“I’ve been working a lot, so it’s been pretty quiet.” I wanted to tell him about the coworker that fucked my ass. I was craving to tell him about the three men that took turns using me for their pleasure and left me covered in cum. I knew he wanted me to tell him every detail. But I couldn’t.

He released me from his arms and took a step back. “Are you sure?”

“I might have been a little naughty.”

“I’m sure you were more than just a little bit naughty.”

“Yeah, I was.”

“Don’t be so shy. I want to hear about your adventures.” He opened his jeans and took his cock out for me. His cock was still flexible, but already he was turned on.

Almost naturally, I reached over and felt his warm cock and started to casually stroke it. The idea of telling him about my adventures was having some effects between my legs too.

“I’ll start with Friday. I wore that beer wench costume that you saw me try on.”

“I loved the way you looked in that dress.” I felt him growing harder in my hands.

“So did all of the men that came into the restaurant that night, especially one of my managers. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of me.”

I turned towards him and bent over. I couldn’t resist anymore. I had to satisfy my craving. I kissed the tip of his cock and ran my tongue around it. I looked up at him and the way he looked at me filled with lust turned me on more.

I opened my mouth and slid his cock between my lips, just a little bit before I continued with my story. “My manager came over to my apartment after our shifts were done for the night.”

“You’re such a slut. I love it.”

I got on my knees, then found his cock with my lips again, I slid my lips further down his shaft this time.

“What did you do with him?”

I took his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him. “He came over and I sucked his cock.” I reattached my lips to Scott and slid my lips further down on his now very hard shaft.

Scott reached down and attempted to undo my belt. Without diverting my attention from giving his cock oral pleasure, I reached down and undid it for him. I unbuttoned my jeans and he took over. They were soon halfway down my thighs, it was all he needed.

He reached behind me and pulled my pink lace thong to the side. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure start flowing through my body as his fingers found my lips. He pushed them open and slid a finger inside of me.

I don’t know how I could ever think about letting some other slut have his cock. I was addicted to it. There was no other place that I wanted to be then bent over in front of him, sliding my lips up and down his cock. I knew exactly what he liked. He knew exactly how much pressure he could put on the back of my head, how far he could force his cock into my throat. He knew how long I could take his cock in my throat before I would start to gag.

“I deep throated him too.” I said after I caught my breath.

I climbed off of the couch and got on my knees in front of him. The only reason that I switched positions was so that I could better deep throat his cock. He held me longer each time I took his cock in my mouth until I had to push his hand away. It was almost like he wanted to hold me there to prove that he could do anything that he wanted with me.

“I did more than just give him a blowjob.”

“What else did you do with him?” His cock couldn’t get any harder. It was pointed almost straight up, the blood straining to expand even further.

“He fucked my ass on the kitchen counter.”

“Oh Amy.” His voice was weak and it almost sounded like he was going to cum. It took him a few seconds to recompose himself. “Can you get on your hands and knees for me?”

“Of course.” I said as I got off of my knees, leaving my jeans on the floor as I climbed into position on the couch next to him.

He wasted no time sliding a finger into my pussy again. Then after few thrusts, he aimed that finger at my asshole. “It looks like this needs some attention.”

“Yes.” My words turned into a moan as he slid the finger into my asshole. “I want you in my ass so badly.”

“Not yet.” He said as he rubbed his cock between my lips.”

“Please fuck my ass.” I pleaded as he slid his cock into my very wet pussy.

His cock fit perfectly inside of me. I could feel his thickness spreading me out with each thrust and it made me weak in the knees. He’s above average, but not on the verge of being too big like Blake. Scott is the perfect size to fill me perfectly and drive me crazy. It wasn’t long before he had me moaning with each thrust.

He was gentle at first, but soon it felt like he was going to fuck me right off the edge of the couch. I had to hold on to the arm so that he didn’t push me off.

He had been holding one hand on my back to stabilize me, but now I felt his thumb sliding into my asshole.

“Yes baby.” I chanted over and over as his cock and finger pushed me closer and closer.

Then he completely stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I looked back at him and he was smiling. “It’s time that your ass gets fucked.”

“I like that plan.”

I felt his fingers rubbing against my asshole and I bit my lip, anticipating the pleasure that was coming. He slid two fingers into my ass and I was overwhelmed with pleasure. I couldn’t wait for the next part of him that was going to slide into my ass.

“Spread your ass cheeks apart.”

The command made me feel so dirty, in the good way.

I felt the head of his cock against my asshole and very cautiously he slid it into me. I let out a whimper, it hurt so badly but I knew it was going to be worth it.

Gently he pushed himself in, inch by inch until he was completely in my ass. He fucked me slowly at first, teasing me. I knew the powers of his thrusts, how good they felt and I wanted to feel them again.

“Stop holding back.”

He didn’t answer with words. Instead, he sped up his thrusts. I could feel every inch of his cock as he slid it completely inside of me, then every inch as he pulled it almost completely out of me. Each thrust ended with enough power that my whole body shake. My moans became louder by a few decibels.

This is exactly what I wanted. This is what I was thinking about when Blake was fucking me.

“Where did you let him cum?”

“In my ass.”

“Oh, you’re such a naughty fucking girl.”

“He was wearing a condom.”

“I’m not and I’m about ready to fill you ass with a hot load.”

“Oh my god, yes!”

A few thrusts later, he pushed his cock inside of me one last time, as hard as he could, as deep as he could. He held on to my hips so hard that it hurt, but all I could really feel was his hot liquid filling my ass.

When his orgasm had passed, we collapsed on the couch, both of us covered in sweat and fighting to catch our breaths.

“And that wasn’t even the wildest part of my weekend. Wait until I tell you about my Saturday night.”

“We’ll have to save that for another night.”

“Just don’t keep me waiting too long.”


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7 Responses to Letting Scott In On My Slutty Secrets

  1. plantpage

    is it me or did i miss the post about the 3 guys?

  2. Ryan

    I was thinking the same thing…

  3. Someone

    She wrote about it in the post before. Its going to be a pay-per-read story.

    • Amy

      Thanks for answering! Hopefully everyone will really enjoy the story when it’s complete. It was a really wild night and I think it’s going to make for a great story.

      • citykid1967

        I can’t wait to read it myself. And I loved this post. Personally, I love fucking a girl while she tells me her slutty adventures with other men. Makes me wild!

  4. PK

    This is such a fantasy of mine! Amy you really know how to get a guy going ;)

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