Fucked Like A Slut In The Restroom

One of the many reasons I’ve been single is my work schedule. Working the most popular nights to go out and meet people has put a damper on the number of men I meet. Sure, I get hit on a number of times every night at the bar, but it’s different being behind the counter.

Mr Right Now, also known as Austin works an even worse schedule. It doesn’t make for much opportunity for us to spend time together so last week I went to visit him at his day job for a lunch date. We he had a short distraction before we finally made it too lunch.

“You look hot.” he said when I walked into his office. He didn’t look to see if any of his coworkers were watching, he got up, hugged me, then kissed me. It wasn’t an I miss you kiss. It was a kiss filled with lust and it immediately woke up my body.

“I wished that you could’ve come over last night.”

“Me too. And now you have to work tonight.”

“It’s not fair.”

“I know.”

He leaned in and lowered his voice. “I want to fuck you so bad.”

My lips, instantly wet between my legs. “Let’s skip lunch.” Continue reading


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My Very Naughty Halloween Threesome Fantasy

Fantasy on what could’ve happened Halloween night with two of my coworkers. I hope you like.


I had all sorts of ideas for Halloween costumes. I wanted to be a sexy Jessica Rabbit or dress up like Christina Hendricks on Mad Men because everyone says I look like her. However, I procrastinated like usual and ran out of time to go buy a costume. Instead, I took out the beer maiden costume from last year. It’s the perfect costume for a bartender and I know men love it’s low cut front and how short it is.

My shift was fair uneventful, but it’s what happened afterward that made things worth writing about. It ended up being a slow night and just Cindy and I worked til close. For a long time I hated Cindy, she slept with a guy I thought was mine. However, in the months after that incident, I realized how he was more at fault and Cindy and I had a lot in common. I wouldn’t say we’re close friends, but we’ve become friends.

The owner was away Halloween night, so there was more drinking than usual among the staff. By the time we closed the front doors, I had more than a buzz and so did Cindy and our extremely sexy supervisor Tony. Normally, he’s fairly serious, making sure we stay focused on our work. Tonight, he was distracted.

It started with Tony saying, “Opps, I dropped a glass.” It dropped on to the rubber mat behind the bar.

Cindy not so innocently bent over to pick it up in her equally as short beer maiden costume not covering her ass and tiny white g-string.

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Mr Right Now

One favor, either before or after you read my adventure from Monday night. Can you visit Amy Redd and vote in the poll about what I should write about next. I have a lot of x-rated ideas for future creative projects, but not sure which is the best. You’re the best. Amy


Monday night was supposed to be date night. Unfortunately, Ed had to cancel at the last minute. Something about meeting the next day that he had to prepare for. His loss and probably a good thing for me.

Instead of staying in, I ventured to a sports bar with a couple of my girl friends to watch my bears. After a few drinks, I decided that I had to stop waiting for Mr. Right. Ever since my encounter last summer with my ex from Chicago, I’ve been on the hunt for my own Mr. Right.

I can’t blame just him. Too many of my coworkers are engaged and way too many of my friends are getting married or having babies and posting about it on Facebook.

While the Bears tried to do their best to raise my stress levels and give me a heart attack, I decided that I should stop waiting for Mr. Right and go back to having fun until I find him. Of course, this decision was influenced by the good looking man with a shaggy brown hair now sitting next to me.


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Anal Amy and Amy Redd

Anal Amy

Anal Amy, the name I’ve been blogging under since just after I turned eighteen. The name by which you know me best. It’s the name under which I’ve shared my sluttiest secrets, the anal sex, the threesomes, the gangbangs and much more.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop sharing those secrets. I’ll still share them here on this blog.

Amy Redd

Amy Redd, my new pen name for my erotic fiction. It’s the pen name where I’ll explore some of my wildest fantasies, fantasies that I couldn’t for one reason or another explore. What if I responded to one of the ads in my college newspaper looking for female escorts – the topic for my first novel length piece of fiction. What would happen if Jill’s Dad was my boss – something I’m going to explore in my next longer project.

On AmyRedd.com you’ll find announcements about my new stories on Amazon/Smashwords, free short stories and lots of behind the scene stuff. The site is just getting started, but I hope you visit me over there.

I hope the two pen names doesn’t cause any confusion. I’m hoping it actually decreases it and allows you awesome guy and gals to read what you want to read. I hope you support me as I explore my writing abilities and creative ideas. I need your support if some day I’m going to live my dream of being a full time writer.


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Cum On My Face

A recent girls night out conversation after a few drinks led to cumshots and facials. My uninhibited self admitted to being at the receiving end of multiple cumshots. I don’t think my girl friends understood just how many, but I’m okay with that.

I wasn’t the only one. Three of the four of us had been on the receiving end, yet I was the only one who found it something other than gross, disgusting or an act done for the boyfriend. Of course, I was the only one willing to admit it, there may have been others that did like the act, just weren’t willing to say it.

The first time a guy cum on my face, it was by accident. I was going down on him and thought I had a little bit more time than I actually did. He exploded on to my face. I didn’t think it was gross, I didn’t think it was a turn on, more simply a funny accident. However, the look on his face said that he loved it.

A week or so later, I was sucking his cock and he was getting close. He asked me if he could come on my face and I let him. This time I held my face as a target for him. He coated my face with his hot, thick globs of cum. I loved the reaction on his face, I was neutral to the actual cum on me, other than the fact that I had to wash my face afterward.

Move down the line a bit and I would ask lovers to come on me and their reaction always turned me on. I was their slut, willing to let them cum on me. I didn’t find it humiliating or degrading (of course I didn’t want them telling anyone, but that’s another story), I just knew it turned them on and it made me feel special to do it for them.

Somewhere along the line I started to crave cum on my face. I didn’t just want them cum on me for their viewing pleasure, feeling their sperm splattered on to my soft skin turned me on just like it’s making my panties wet right now thinking about it. The way it impacts hard with my face, the heat of the liquid as it soaks into my skin, the way it feels as it cools and drips off. I don’t even mind it when they cum in my eye, get it in my hair or stain my shirt, it’s worth it.

Why I crave it like that, I don’t exactly know. But I do.

I figure next I should probably try to figure out why I like anal so much…maybe next time unless I have some juicy adventures to share.


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New Man On The Scene

He eyed me from the other side of the pool. I lounged in a chair next to Krystal. He stood by the grill, talking to Grant, Krystal’s sugar daddy.

When I caught him checking me out, I grinned. He smiled back. He was older, Jill’s Dad kind of older. He reminded me too much of Jill’s Dad. Good looking, a lot like the actor from 300. That wasn’t a problem. He dressed like my recent ex-Scott, polo and golf shorts that said he had money. Unlike Krystal, I didn’t want a sugar daddy. But that didn’t stop him from sitting down next to me when she left my side.

“Your Amy?”

“Yeah,” I grinned. Scanning him from the safety behind my dark sunglasses.

“I’m Ed.” His eyes scanned me and like most men he starred a little too long my tits, barely held back by my bikini top. “Grant told me that you work with Krystal.”

“Yeah.” I wanted to tell him that it was just temporary until I could find a job in the field that I went to school for again. But I didn’t. “What do you do?”

“I’m in business development.”

“What exactly does that mean?”

He went into too much detail about the construction field, developed strategic direction, how he forecast sales of some sort, came up with road maps for product innovation and a whole lot of other business speak. I’m pretty sure he was a glorified, yet well paid salesman but even after he finished I wasn’t sure what he did. I’m sure his resume looked a lot better than mine. It also sounded a lot like Scott’s job. He even talked like him.

Things got even worse when it came up that he had a condo on the same stretch of beach as Scott. All the warning signs were there, but by the end of the night he had my number programed into his phone. I have a feeling, I’ll be writing about him sooner, rather than later.


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Three Reasons

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m still alive and apologize for being mostly MIA too much for the last few weeks. Three reasons mainly. First is work. I’ve been putting in more hours than usual at the bar.

Second, I’ve been really busy writing my first long piece of erotic fiction. It’s coming out really great, but it’s been taking a lot of my creative energy.

Third, my sex life has been lackluster for a little too long now so I haven’t had much to write about. I’m meeting lots of men, lots of hot men, yet I’m not clicking with them. Ever since seeing my ex earlier this summer, I just have been in a slump. Gotta get out of it. There is one update worth nothing from a BBQ/pool party a couple weekends ago. I need to write about it on my next day off. No sex, but it might lead to something interesting in the future.

Enough about me. How are you?


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Will I Post Pictures, What Do I Look Like? FAQ Answers

Sorry, I’ve been so quiet this week. I’ve been spending a lot of time writing, trying not to get distracted during the limited time that I have to be creative before work, errands and real life in general gets in the way.

I realized that I hadn’t written anything yet this week, so I decided to answer a couple of the most common questions that I get in emails and on Twitter.

Will you send me pictures? Will you post nude pictures?

At one time, I did post a few pictures. Now, I’d rather be known for my words, rather than my looks. Plus, the more pictures that I put up, the more risk I had of being recognized by someone. Staying anonymous, is the only way that I feel comfortable sharing my most intimate, slutty stories.

So sorry guys, no more pictures at this time. Not even if you ask really nice or say that you won’t share them. I almost believe you on that last part.

What do you look like?

Since I won’t share pictures, I suppose the least I can do is tell you what I look like.

I’m an all natural redhead, I wear glasses and probably look a lot like the girl next door. However, I am endowed with an above average bust. I’m a 36D and have the curves to go with it. At one point a little bit too much curves, but with a little bit of healthy eating and working out on a regular basis, I’m feeling pretty sexy again…although I’ll never been a 115 pounds, so don’t think I’m skinny like that.

For you guys that need more visual, I’ve been told that I look a lot like actress Christina Hendricks and adult models Lucy Vixen and Rebecca Lane.


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The Way She Moved

The way she moved, stood out in the crowd. Behind the bar at a dance club, I saw more than my fair share of dancing. A few showed off the moves on their way to becoming a pop stars backup dancer or heading off to be on a televised dance competition show. But most simple college students or twenty-somethings out for a fun night with friends, maybe on the prowl for a member of the opposite sex.

She fell into the later category, but she didn’t dance like them. Most swayed side to side, they were good they did it to the beat of the song. Others rubbed their bodies against their dance partner, grinding against each other as their hands explored each other and lips sometimes came together. I fall into that category, so I’m not one to talk.

She didn’t dance like that. Her dress simple, plain and modest. Not slutty, not overly sexy because it clung too tight or revealed too much. Her looks girl next door, yet she was the sexiest woman in the club. Guys starred, even men with girlfriends there. I found myself watching her more than I should have.

She moved like the music had taken over her. She didn’t stop moving, her arms, her legs, her head, her whole body, kept moving to the beat. She danced like Chenault in the Rum Diary. The music controlled her.

Her college boyfriend swayed, moved from side behind her. She moved in front of him, at times pushing her ass against him like she was riding his cock like a wild animal. He may have been the luckiest guy in there. If she danced like this here, moved like that, how was she in bed, between the sheets. I imagined not many men could keep up with her.

I didn’t see when she left last night, but the whole mood in the club changed after she disappeared with her lover. It fell back to normal.


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Crossing A Line An Erotic Tale Of A First Time Call Girl And Her Two Clients

I’m excited, my new short story: Crossing A Line An Erotic Tale Of A First Time Call Girl And Her Two Clients is now available on Amazon and Smashwords for 99 cents. The real reason that I’m excited, is that I really liked this story. All of my stories turn me on, or I probably wouldn’t be writing them. But this one left my panties soaking wet on multiple occasions as I was working on it.

The story allows me to explore a side of me, that to this point I never thought I would cross. I’ve had men offer to pay me to have sex with them, but it wasn’t until recently that I seriously thought about doing it.

Description From Amazon:

Amy loves sex. She’s admitted that she’s a slut. She likes doing the things that other girls won’t do. She loves sucking cock, she didn’t earn the name Anal Amy by accident, and she craves cum on her. However, there are some things that she won’t do. At least she thought there was.

Amy took a temporary job bartending at a gentlemen’s club for a couple of weeks. During that time, a number of men hit on her. She was even propositioned a few times by various men. However, she always said no until one exotic, older woman had an offer for her.

Against her better judgment, Amy accepted that offer and found herself back at the hotel with this enticing woman and her businessman lover. Amy thought that she was going there for a no strings attached threesome. She didn’t know that they actually wanted to pay her to have sex with them.

Story contains: sex, blowjobs, threesome (FMF), anal and facial acts.

Thank you to everyone that helps support me in continuing my dream of becoming a full time writer. Ninety-nine cents doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is a step in the right direction.

And I hope you guys and gals enjoy this story as much as I did writing it. I think the topic of being a call girl is something I’m going to explore more.

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